What Is Glaucoma?

When you have glaucoma, your doctor will use a series of tests to determine the underlying cause. The doctor will place a lens on your eye and measure how much fluid is in it. He will also look at the drainage angle to determine whether it is open or closed, and he may perform an ocular pressure test. A slit-lamp exam will examine the inside of the eye under a special microscope. Your doctor will check for any changes in peripheral vision, and you will need to undergo a visual acuity and visual field test to diagnose glaucoma.

A doctor will then use a head-mounted or handheld device to look at the back of your eye to see if there are any abnormalities. Then, he will look for signs of damage to the optic nerve or cupping of the optic disc. Acuity is a measure of the amount of pressure in the eye, and asymmetry in the cupping can indicate glaucoma. Your doctor will also perform tests to check the amount of blood flowing to your eye.

Glaucoma Symptoms

Once your eye doctor has identified glaucoma, they will assess the symptoms of the disease and recommend a course of treatment. Your doctor will examine your vision, measure eye pressure, and examine the thickness of your cornea.


Glaucoma Symptoms;

  • Headache accompanying the pain in and around the eyelid, which occurs due to the change in the level of the aqueous humor during the day,
  • Nausea,
  • A feeling of tightness and stiffness in the eye, a feeling of pain when pressing on it,
  • Pain in the forehead,
  • Sudden or rapid closure of the field of view,
  • Symptoms such as temporary blurring of vision and seeing halos around lights at night are reported by patients.

If you notice any of these symptoms, your doctor may recommend an examination of the drainage system. Your doctor may also order certain tests to evaluate the condition of the optic nerve. You may also be asked to complete a visual field test, which maps the peripheral vision.

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