What Is Cataract?

Cataracts do not hurt, but they may make your eyes more sensitive to light. If you notice any of the above symptoms, it is important to see your eye doctor. He will dilate your pupil so that he can look inside your eye. The doctor will use special drops to widen the pupil so that the doctor can check for any cataracts or other issues. Once the pupil is wide open, your doctor can tell if you have a cataract and how much of your vision is blocked.

The symptoms of this eye disease may not show up immediately. Often, it may take months or even years for the symptoms to manifest. The first signs of this condition include blurred vision. If the disease was not present, the affected eye would appear to be cloudy or yellow in appearance. The brightness of light from a lamp or a natural source might be distorted or even glaring. In addition, the color vision of the affected eye may not be as clear as it was before.



The first symptoms of a cataract are usually mild and manageable. As the cataract gets larger, it begins to distort light passing through the lens. As this problem becomes larger, the symptoms will become more noticeable. Having a regular eye exam is the best way to determine if you have a cataract. If your vision changes suddenly, you should make an appointment to see a doctor. In some cases, a doctor may recommend another procedure.

As the condition progresses, they will start to interfere with daily life. If you are worried that your vision is impaired, you should schedule an appointment with an eye doctor. Depending on your age, the procedure can take several years. If you are experiencing a sudden change in your vision, consult with your eye doctor as soon as possible.

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