What Is Blepharitis?

While there is no definitive treatment for blepharitis, the disease can be treated effectively with a combination of eyelid hygiene and medications. A warm, moist compress may help alleviate symptoms of blepharitis by compressing the eyelid for up to 10 minutes twice daily. Medications for blepharitis are prescribed as needed. The most important thing to do is consult with your doctor to determine the appropriate course of treatment.

Blepharitis symptoms may look similar to dandruff. Typically, the eyelids will be red, irritated, and itch. Occasionally, the eyelids will have a layer of dandruff at the base of the eyelashes. Medications may be prescribed to treat severe cases. Patients should see their doctor as soon as possible if the inflammation does not subside on its own.



If you suffer from blepharitis, your doctor can recommend a variety of treatments. These treatments range from simple home remedies, such as washing your eyelids with boiled water, to prescription medications. Depending on the severity of the condition, you may also need to stop using eye drops that cause the disease or undergo surgery. If you’re unsure of the best treatment, your doctor may recommend antibiotics or immunomodulators.

When you have this condition, you may notice flakes of dry skin on your eyelids. Your meibomian glands may be blocked and produce an oily discharge. This can affect your vision. You may also experience a redness or flushing of the face. The most common treatment for blepharitis is to clean your eyelids on a daily basis. You can use warm water or artificial tear drops to treat your blepharitis.

A warm compress or a cotton-tipped applicator can help lubricate the area around the eye. Besides applying a warm compress to the affected eyelids, massaging the margin with a finger or cotton-tipped applicator may help relieve the symptoms of this problem. You can also use artificial tears, which can be purchased without a prescription.

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