Watch out for the ‘Hollywood cheek’

Aesthetic, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery specialist Op. Dr. Başar Kaya made a statement about the cheek aesthetics known as the ‘Hollywood cheek’. Kaya stated that this practice has been practiced around the world since the 1970s and has been popular in Turkey for the last 5-6 years. Warning about cheek aesthetics, Kaya said, “Hollywood cheek aesthetics is not a procedure that can be applied to every patient. Cheek aesthetics is an application that makes the cheekbone and chin more visible and the line between these two structures to be more empty. Patients who have an overweight but weak body and have an incompatibility between their face and body are the right patient group for this surgery. said.

Kaya stated that if the chin filling procedure, which is considered within the ‘Hollywood aesthetics’, is applied to patients with a rounded jaw line, they get positive results and that this application is suitable for Turkish society.

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When we look at it from the side, we see that the chin, which should be in line with the lower lip, is far behind in Turkish society. If you notice, this is much more pronounced in men. There are many men who have a jowl. In fact, most of them have chin retraction rather than jowl. At this point, it is important to extend the chin tip or bring it forward to complete the patient’s facial proportions. Filling applications to the chin tip make the face more proportional. The goal is harmony, not aesthetics. In other words, ensuring that the forehead-eyebrow, eyebrow-nose, nose-chin distance reaches the point where it should be.

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Nature never goes out of style

Fashion goes out of fashion, but naturalness never goes out of style. Therefore, our aesthetic applications should not be positioned on certain fashions. We manipulate people’s perceptions a little too much. If the patient really needs this procedure, it is named and done. But directing people to this side such as ‘You have to get this place’, ‘You have to get that’ can lead to excessive practices and strange appearances. Therefore, patients should try to meet with physicians who prioritize the teaching of medicine, not commercial concerns.


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