Things to know about athlete’s foot health

Families direct their children to sports. What about the foot and ankle problems of these children who are directed to sports? The answer to this is Fulya Foot Surgery Center Founder, foot and ankle surgery specialist Op. Dr. Selim Mugrabi gives it. It tells about the well-known mistakes about the health of children who do sports:

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False: The height of the child who does weight training is short!

True: It is wrong to think that if you make children do weight training, they will be short. In fact, children, especially children aged 11-12, doing a good heart and strength exercise increases their muscle strength. And it doesn’t affect the elongation rate of their height. The taboo that children can’t go to the gym, exercise can’t work needs to be broken. In the past, when you looked at a tennis player, we noticed that they had very thin bodies. All tennis players are huge guys now. Because it has been seen that the higher the muscle strength, the higher the performance. That’s why cardio training and strength training should be done from a young age. Strength training causes incredible development of muscle strength in children. In fact, the aim should be: When the child reaches the age of 16-17, their muscle strength should reach the highest level, as well as their height. Now, those who do sports at a young age participate in higher muscle exercise 1 or 2 days a week apart from the sports they do.

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Wrong : Exercising is a routine and easy thing to start.

True: Every sport has a preparation period of its own and there are various special information to be given about that period. For example, in order to increase a child’s basketball ability, he or she must do muscle relaxation exercises very well, you must have a very good basketball trainer. It is necessary to switch to a diet with meat because basketball is a sport that requires effort. But if he is doing archery, the child must learn shoulder exercises very well. He should work outside of his normal training so that he can both prevent it from straining and tearing that muscle and strengthen it. That’s why everything starts with education. If there is no education, there is an aggressive entry into sports. And injuries happen. Young people are more ambitious than us. They want to get things quickly. They also have the ability to increase their tempo very strongly, but if they do not increase their muscle strength while increasing their tempo, injuries occur.

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Wrong: If he starts sports early, he will be injured.

True : The age at which children start sports is around 6-7 years old. Team or professionalization is around 10 years old. It takes 11-12 years for them to train 5-6 times a week or get to an aggressive point. That’s why injuries start around the age of 12.

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False: Injuries for children and adults are different!

True: There is no difference between adult injuries and child injuries. There are various mistakes made in adults, zinc deficiency, not using the right shoes, not adjusting the oxygenation level. As a result of children being forced into sports, problems such as meniscus tears, ligament problems, Achilles tendon problems, stress fractures occur in the same way as adults. Their only advantage is that while the recovery process for adults is slower, the recovery is easier and faster for children. Again, they need less surgical treatments compared to adults. When the affected area is the knee and foot area and does not contain any fractures, this work can usually be managed with physical therapy.

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Wrong: It’s a child!

True: One of the biggest frustrations with kids is skipping certain injuries. No injury or injury should be missed with excuses like “It’s young, it’s just started” . Being young or child doesn’t mean they won’t get injured or have a muscle problem. Being young means they’ll get better, but if they don’t get treatment Therefore, they should be treated in accordance with a certain treatment protocol

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False : Preparation for sports is not necessary

That’s right: Young people need to be carefully prepared for sports like adults. If this is not done, disability will occur. Information should be obtained about which sport to do. There should be detailed information about what kind of devices will be used during this sport and which muscles will work. In addition, it is necessary to ensure that the child exercises regularly. it has to be in. And food intake is very important. Because we are talking about a period of very high tonnage growth. If he is going to do muscle sports 3-4 days a week, he should consult a dietitian and get information about the foods to be taken. And finally, the sleeping arrangement needs to be very perfect. Because growth hormone is released during sleep. If the sleep is bad, growth hormone is not secreted, and because this hormone is not secreted, the protective factor does not appear, causing injuries.

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If the injury is not treated properly, permanent problems will occur!

– Injuries in sports such as basketball, football and volleyball are based on falls, impacts and trauma. In sports such as tennis, running, and athletics, the person usually has injuries due to overuse.

– This causes some permanent problems if the injury is not treated well. Permanent cartilage problems or various ligament problems that prevent the person from doing sports may occur. Recurrent ankle sprain may occur. Unfortunately, these people become unable to do sports due to the sprain problem. The important thing is to prevent these problems at the right time, treat them at the right time and prevent them from becoming chronic.


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