The 4 most beautiful candle DIYs for every occasion

Whether as a small tea light in a pretty glass or as a large pillar candle on the table – burning candles envelop every dark room in a cozy light. However, if you want to make something very special out of your candle decoration, the commercially available copies will probably not meet your requirements. So it’s high time to lend a hand.

Enhance the look of simple candles, use up leftover wax or create beautiful one-of-a-kind items – these 4 DIY candles will create a really atmospheric atmosphere in your home.

1. Candles with pressed flowers

For this you need:

  • pressed flowers
  • pillar candles
  • tealight
  • Paint brush
  • deco tape

That is how it goes:

Gather a few plants and press them in a book until they are flat and dry for at least two weeks. Then light a tea light, dip a brush into the melted wax and use it to glue the pressed flowers onto the candle.


Then decorate the candles with decorative ribbon – and the simple pillar candles have become a decorative highlight.


2. Water candles

For this you need:

  • glasses
  • decorative sand
  • Shellfish
  • water
  • food coloring
  • oil
  • baking paper
  • wick
  • adhesive strips

That is how it goes:

Put decorative sand and seashells in a glass and then slowly fill it with water. Color the water with a few drops of food coloring and then pour some oil into the glass so that a layer of oil forms on top.


Cut parchment paper to fit snugly in the jar. Then make a hole in it, thread the wick through it and fix it on the underside with tape. Then place the parchment paper in the glass and light the wick – now all that remains is to enjoy the water candles in all their glory.


3. Candles made from cookie cutters

For this you need:

  • candle remains
  • duct tape
  • cookie cutters
  • wicks

That is how it goes:

Melt leftover candles in a water bath. Place a wick in the center of a cookie cutter, pour in the wax and wait for it to harden.

Tip: Place the cookie cutter on some adhesive tape beforehand, as the dried wax can be easily removed from this.


Now carefully slide the candle out of the cookie cutter and light it – vary the cookie cutters thematically and you get the most beautiful DIY candles for every occasion.


4. Shell candles

For this you need:

That is how it goes:

Remove the wicks from the tea lights and melt the wax in a water bath. Turn the shells over, place a wick in each and fill them with the melted wax. As soon as the wax has hardened, you have beautiful shell candles that give every room a maritime ambience.


Replace the pressed flowers with pretty leaves, decorate the glasses with the water candles differently or replace the cookie cutters shown here with Christmas motifs – all 4 candle DIYs can be modified as required. So there are no limits to your creativity and your home will always shine in the right candlelight.

There are more ideas for candles and other DIYs in the video above. You can read all about it here:


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