Never iron again: 6 tricks without an iron

The real art of household management is not to struggle at all costs for the perfect household, but to achieve order and cleanliness with as little effort as possible. But that only works if you eliminate annoying time wasters. Precisely for this purpose, we have compiled below the best alternatives to ironing.

Tricks and life hacks that make life easier, desired? Here you go! (Scroll down for article.)

6 tricks for everyone who never wants to iron again

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1. Do not overload the washing machine

In order to prevent or minimize creases in clothing from the outset, you should not load your washing machine too full.

2. Spin less hard

It also helps to prevent creased clothing by not spinning the laundry at all or at a maximum of 800 rpm.

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3. Make your own anti-crease spray

A good alternative to ironing is to use a fabric wrinkle iron. You can easily make such an anti-crease spray yourself:

  • Variant 1: warm water and vinegar essence in a ratio of 3 to 1
  • Variant 2: 500 ml water, 2 tablespoons white wine vinegar and 1 teaspoon hair conditioner

After spraying your wrinkled clothes with one of the mixtures, you can simply smooth them out. However, you still need to allow time for drying.

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4. Flat irons instead of flat irons

A straightening iron for your hair is the absolute insider tip for straightening the collars of blouses or shirts quickly and easily.

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5. Kettle

You can use the water vapor produced in the kettle to steam your clothes. To do this, hold the folds about 30 cm apart from the steaming kettle.

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6. Mattress trick against wrinkles

Instead of ironing your t-shirt, you can fold it a specific way and roll it into a t-shirt wrap. You put the finished “wrap” under your mattress for an hour. Then your t-shirt is wrinkle-free and ready for use.

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