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More sport is a popular New Year’s resolution, but usually one that is quickly postponed. Be it the lack of offers, the lack of a sports partner or the weather, there is always something that prevents us from getting the sneakers off the shelf today. Where were they again? Physical activity is important to the relief community because it not only keeps us physically fit, but also gives us mental strength. Everyone knows that good feeling when your head is clearer and you sleep better after a long walk.

Sport for every level and every taste

Our walkers, hiking and Nordic walking groups regularly give you the opportunity to get to know well-organized routes in and around Vienna. Be it on our Friday Nordic walking route through the Prater-Allee, on a walk in the Floridsdorf water park or on the numerous city hiking trails. And of course in the best of company, because our volunteer teams look forward to sociable excursions with you!

In addition to these regular offers, the aid community always tries to offer you unusual sports. Be it a Latin American dance evening in Lillis Ballroom, snowshoeing with the Disabled Sports Association at Semmering or a taster course in self-defense at Five-Training. Each event is tailored to the needs of blind and visually impaired people.

News in the sports offer of the aid community

We are particularly happy about people interested in running who would like to join our new running club. Do you have ideas or do you want to know about the latest events? Sign up at:


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