Get creative with cement! 5 really cool ones

Crafting with cement is not only a lot of fun, but it also results in the most beautiful DIY projects. Today we will show you, among other things, how incredibly easy and quick it is to make a beautiful soap dish, a practical doorstop and a chic lantern. Curtain up for our favorite 5 DIY ideas with cement.

1. Soap Dish

For this you need:

  • Plastic form, e.g. the packaging of Ferrero Rocher
  • Crayons (or similar objects)

That is how it goes:

1.1 Pour liquid cement into the plastic mold.

1.2 Break off the tips of each wax crayon and lay them side by side in the cement.


1.3 Allow the cement to set and then remove it from the shell. The soap dish is ready.


2. Wall candle in wine glass

For this you need:

  • cardboard box
  • cement
  • wine glass
  • Fork
  • cutter knife
  • candle gel
  • wick
  • wooden skewer

That is how it goes:

2.1 Pour the cement into the cardboard box and place a wine glass in the middle.


2.2 Add more cement into the box until the glass is about 1/3 covered. Draw a pattern in the still liquid cement with a fork and then let it harden.


2.3 Remove the cardboard box with a cutter knife and stand the solid cement block on edge. Hang a wick in the wine glass, hold it upright with a wooden skewer, and pour candle gel into the glass.


2.4 Let the gel harden and the pretty wall candle is ready.


3. Doorstop

For this you need:

  • Iced Tea Packaging
  • cutter knife
  • duct tape
  • scissors
  • whisk
  • cling film
  • cement
  • thick rope

That is how it goes:

3.1 Make a small house with a roof using the iced tea packaging and the adhesive tape. Also, cut a hole (“birdhouse” look) in each side of the roof.


3.2 Cut the bottom of the house and place the house upside down between two pieces of wood. Wrap the handle of a whisk in cling film and poke it through the two holes. Pour cement into the house and let it harden.


3.3 Remove the ice tea packaging and whisk. Also, thread a thick rope through the two holes and knot the ends together.


4. Decorative plate with embossing

For this you need:

  • Springform
  • cement
  • lace top
  • rolling pin

That is how it goes:

4.1 Spread out the cement over a large area and use the ring of a springform pan as a cutter. Place a lace blanket on top of the cement and roll over it with a rolling pin so the pattern is reflected in the cement.


4.2 Let the cement harden and the decorative plate is ready!


5. Lantern

For this you need:

  • kneaded concrete
  • cutter knife
  • round cutters of different sizes, e.g. tea light, plastic lids and lip balm
  • cling film
  • Lantern or vase made of glass
  • baking paper
  • spray paint

That is how it goes:

5.1 Spread out the modeling clay in a rectangle on a piece of baking paper. Cut out a shape (see photo) with a utility knife and remove the remaining concrete.


5.2 Punch out different sized holes in the kneaded concrete.


5.3 Wrap the vase or lantern in cling film. Then roll everything together (kneaded concrete and the lantern wrapped in cling film) using the baking paper and let the kneaded concrete harden.


5.4 Remove the baking paper and the lantern and spray paint on the kneaded concrete that has been formed.


5.5 Place the lantern and candle in the hardened concrete.


These 5 DIY ideas with cement also make great gifts. And remember: homemade counts twice! You can find even more cool craft ideas with cement and concrete here:

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