Eyes should be checked regularly

Regular controll

Our car has to go through a MOT every two years

But do we also have our eyes checked regularly?

The reality is rather different. Ophthalmological check-ups are often underutilized for reasons of cost or time, and eyesight is carelessly put at risk. Eyes should be checked regularly

However, many eye diseases occur gradually and are not noticed immediately. The earlier this is recognized, however, the better the success of a treatment can be. So do not dismiss gradual deterioration in vision or increasing sensitivity to light as age-related. It could be a serious eye condition. Eyes should be checked regularly

Eyes should be checked regularly
Eyes should be checked regularly

If you have the following symptoms, you should immediately consult an ophthalmologist:

Sudden deterioration in vision that does not go away in an hour
Sudden, complete loss of vision
Perception of flashes of light or colored circles around light sources

Severe pain in the eye

Perception of small, black flakes that trickle from top to bottom through the field of vision, so-called “soot rain”
Foreign matter in the eye
Chemical burns and burns in the eye
Sudden double vision
Injuries from cuts, blows, or knocks

Eyes should be checked regularly2
Eyes should be checked regularly
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