Eyelid Aesthetics

The most common complaints about eyelids include sagging of the upper eyelid, cavities, sunken appearance, under-eye pits, dark circles and under-eye bags. With factors such as advancing age, smoking, stress; Complaints of wrinkles around the eyes, sagging of the upper eyelid, sagging of the lower eyelid, under-eye bags and under-eye bruises occur. A tired, sleepless and old appearance occurs. Before eyelid aesthetics, skin thickness, amount of fat on the lids and muscle structure should be carefully examined. Especially the sagging of the upper eyelid causes the narrowing of our visual field, which brings along many professional and life problems in individuals. Surgical and non-surgical techniques can be used in the treatment of these problems. One of the main factors contributing to the aging of the eyes and face is the loss of volume, or fat, on the face and around the eyes. In the aging process, the eye area is affected the most and the fastest, and recessed eyes, loose upper eyelid skin, under-eye bags, dark circles and wrinkles begin to form. Low eyebrows are also among these problems. The eyelid filler is applied to the aesthetically problematic areas around the eyes by injection technique. During the procedure, anesthesia can be applied with cream. It is a simple but important practice performed standing up. Eyelid filler injection must be applied in a clinical setting by specialist surgeons. With filler injection, the volume gaps in the upper and lower lids can be removed, and the sunken areas can be raised. In this way, it is ensured that the eyelids stand more taut and reflect the light fully. Thus, dark areas and circles on the eyelids are removed. Eyelid filling takes an average of 10-15 minutes. Immediately after the application, patients feel little or no discomfort and can easily continue their normal life. The effect of eyelid filling performed with hyaluronic acid types applied for the first time lasts for about 2 years, but the effect of subsequent injections may last much longer. It is important to analyze the problems in the eyelids very well and to determine the injection points well. In order to achieve the desired aesthetic result, the eyelid filler should be injected at the right points and in equal amounts. Since the eye area is a very risky area, the application must be done by a surgeon who is an expert in the field. Eyelid Aesthetic Surgery is performed for more effective treatment in more specific cases. It takes place under local anesthesia and takes an average of one hour and is performed in the operating room without the need for hospitalization.

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