Don’t Neglect Your Child’s Eye Examination During the Semester Break

Medicana Bursa Hospital Ophthalmologist Op. Dr. Adnan İpçioğlu, in children that the visual impairments negatively affect the school success and that the progressive stated that it causes many problems in academic, social and daily life during the semesters and stated that the semester period is an ideal time to have eye examinations of children at school age.

Pointing out that the learning ability of children, their adaptation to school and their personalities will be adversely affected if pre-school visual impairments are not treated, Op. Dr. Adnan İpçioğlu said, “Families need to take precautions and have the necessary examinations done in order for their children to be successful in their education life. vision problems; It affects 5-10% of preschool children and 20-30% of school-age children. Children’s low achievement in lessons may not be due to their learning abilities, but may be due to visual impairments.

Vision Problems Affect School Success

Emphasizing that regular eye examinations should be done before and during school, Adnan İpçioğlu said, “The most common diseases in children include crossed eyes, lazy eye, lacrimal duct obstruction, myopia, hyperopia, strabismus, astigmatism and conjunctivitis. If early diagnosis is not made, situations such as the child’s not being able to see the blackboard well enough, skipping lines while reading, following the sentences with his hands, looking at the book with one eye forward, watching the television closely, watering in the eyes and having difficulty doing his homework negatively affect his school success. said.

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Emphasizing that families who are not aware of their child’s visual impairment, attribute their children’s low success in lessons to their low learning abilities, İpçioğlu said, “Children who have no deficiencies in their learning ability can fall behind in their lessons because they cannot see well. When no precautions are taken in eye disorders, lazy eye begins and this situation affects the visual quality of the child more seriously in the following years. For children’s eye health, regular check-ups every 6 months are important. With early diagnosis, the treatment process can be easily overcome.”


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