Does Swimming Harm Our Eye Health?

Can germs get into our eyes when we want to cool off by swimming?

Of course this can happen. If we do not swim in a hygienic pool or swim in a dirty sea, we can easily get germs in our eyes. For this reason, we should not cool off in the waters of which we are not sure of its cleanliness.

Our eyes fight germs all day long. And it wins most of these battles. But when the amount of attacking microbes increases, the defense mechanisms may be insufficient.

Infection of our eye organ contaminated with microbes is called conjunctivitis. Conjunctivitis is usually caused by bacteria, viruses or fungi. Conjunctivitis is a treatable eye disease. Current adequate antibiotics and anti-inflammatory agents are highly effective in the treatment of this condition.

How do we know we have conjunctivitis?

Generally, within a day or two after encountering microbes, symptoms such as redness, stinging, watering, burrs and burning begin in our eyes. These symptoms may continue to increase if treatment is delayed.

So what should we do when such symptoms start?

First of all, we should wash our face with plenty of clean water. This removes some of the microbes from the environment. We can make the dressing of the eye area with the water of warm black tea that we drink every day with pleasure. We can wet a clean cotton ball with warmed black tea and wipe our eyes with this cotton. The antimicrobial properties of black tea help us treat or control the disease. In addition, a few drops of baby shampoo placed in clean water can do the same. Until we go to our doctor, we can control the progression of the disease with these methods. Then our doctor will already give us the necessary drops or ointments.

Another point to note is that we should never, ever enter the sea or pool with contact lenses. This situation makes it several times easier for germs to infect our eyes. What should we do if we forgot and entered? We should remove our lenses and wash our eyes with the lens solution. We should wash our lenses again with lens solution and leave them in a container with lens solution for a while. If conjunctivitis symptoms start, then we should start cleaning the eye area with the above mentioned Black Tea or baby shampoo and consult our ophthalmologist as soon as possible.

However, the Chlorine and drug levels used for pool hygiene without any microbes can also cause discomfort in our eyes. Swimming pools that are not controlled well or unconsciously can cause chemical irritation to the eyes. Therefore, if we feel burning, redness and stinging in our eyes immediately after swimming, we should wash our eyes with plenty of clean water. Then, until we reach the doctor, we can take tear drops from the pharmacy and drop them into our eyes at least 4 times a day. With these measures, we can prevent the situation from progressing further until we reach our ophthalmologist.

In short, swimming is beneficial for our health. Swim consciously and if possible face down… Swimming face down is more beneficial for our spine and health. But while doing this enjoyable activity, let’s not neglect our eye health by paying attention to what we mentioned above…

Enjoyable Swimming…


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