Do not underestimate cataract surgery!

“Cataract surgery is as important as heart or brain surgery”
Experts warn against what should be considered in the treatment of cataract, which is known as the elderly disease in the society. Saying that cataract surgery is no different from heart or brain surgery in terms of importance, Dünyagöz from Sakarya Op.Dr. Burak Yanar said, “Cataract surgery is not a simple and insignificant operation as it is thought. It is a surgery that requires the physician’s full attention and experience is important. Stating that the most undesirable situation related to cataract surgery is the development of infection in the eye, Op.Dr. Burak Yanar said, “An infection that is not noticed in time may even cause the patient to lose his eye, depending on its severity and treatment stage. For this reason, cataract surgeries should never be taken lightly, they are performed in fully equipped surgical centers and by physicians specialized in cataract surgery.
Cataract, known as the disease of old age and popularly called “curtain falling on the eye”, closely affects eye health and quality of life. Saying that, unlike many diseases, medical treatment of cataract with medication is not possible, Dünyagöz from Sakarya Op. Dr. Burak Yanar said, “Cataract is a disease whose only treatment is surgical surgery. With the developing technology and specialization, cataract can be easily treated with an operation that can be performed during the day. However, being easily treated should not cause cataract surgery to be perceived as simple and unimportant. Because cataract surgery is no different from heart and brain surgeries in terms of importance.
What should patients pay attention to?
Mentioning the points that patients who will have cataract surgery should pay attention to before deciding on treatment, Op.Dr. Burak Yanar said, “Patients should evaluate the experience of the physician who will perform the cataract surgery and the experience, success and hygienic conditions of the institution where they will have cataract surgery. Another important criterion is to question the quality, sterilization and properties of the materials to be used in cataract surgery.

Pre-operative examination affects success
Pointing out the importance of the pre-operative examination, Op. Dr. Burak Yanar said, “Cataract is a disease that can be diagnosed with a simple eye examination. However, a detailed eye examination of the patient should be done to see if there are other eye diseases accompanying cataracts. In this examination; The transparency of the cornea, the structure of the cataract, the position of the lens, the width of the pupil, the condition of the retina are examined in detail before the operation plan, and the patient’s treatment is evaluated in terms of operation. Even if the decision for surgery is taken as a result of the findings, the patient should be explained in detail about the method to be performed and the alternatives about the lens to be placed in the eye.

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