Curious about eyebrow contour

Many women want to have their eyebrows delivered to professional hands due to its beauty effect, but cannot find an answer to the question marks in their minds. Ergül Keskin, the Founder of Conture Make-up Studio and Contour Make-up Trainer, tells the most curious about eyebrow contour.

What is the eyebrow contouring process

The eyebrow contour process, which is done by processing color pigments to the lower layer of the skin in the eyebrow area, is often used by people who do not like the eyebrow shape, thanks to the impressive changes it creates in the face and expression. It is a method used.

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How to apply eyebrow contour

The eyebrow contour, made by professionals, starts with determining the most suitable form for the person’s face. After the preliminary drawing, the application is made with techniques such as hair technique, powdering technique and 3D. The duration of the procedure varies between 1.5 and 2 hours, depending on the eyebrow density to be applied. 20 days after the procedure is performed, the final touches are made and the eyebrows are finalized. The eyebrow contour, which provides permanence for approximately 1-2 years, both prevents false eyebrow filling and ensures that the use of cosmetic products is not required. A new generation technology device with micro needles is used to be applied to the eyebrows. 20 days after the procedure, the eyebrows are retouched and finalized.

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Who can have eyebrow contouring procedure

People whose eyebrows are sparse, spilled, resentful due to wrong applications eyebrow contour can easily apply the process. In addition, people who undergo chemotherapy due to their disease can also have eyebrow contours.

Is eyebrow contouring a painful procedure

This process can be compared to applying make-up. It is not a painful or painful application as it is thought. Since regional anesthesia cream is used before the procedure, the person does not feel any pain.

How long do the sessions take

In eyebrow contour, the sessions vary completely according to the eyebrow structure of the person and the density of the desired form. In general, to give a time interval, the eyebrow contour process varies between 1.5 and 2 hours.

Is the eyebrow contour permanent

The image obtained by processing natural pigments under the skin provides long-term permanence. Depending on the environmental conditions and the skin type of the person, the duration of use varies between 6 months and 2 years.

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Micropigmentation or microblanding

Two different methods are used in eyebrow contouring. The first of these is micropigmentation, and the second is the microblanding method. In the microblanding process, cuts and scratches are made on the skin with pens with many needles. This can lead to both bleeding and open sores on the skin. In the micropigmentation process, the pigments are left on the area to be contoured with the help of a device with micro needles at the tip. Since it is worked on the surface of the skin, it does not cause any deformation and damage to the tissues, and it does not bleed as no cuts are made on the skin. At the same time, it does not contain the risk of inflammation and infection. Because both the technique of the micropigmentation method and the naturalness of the products used prevent possible reactions. However, since these procedures are applied to the skin, they must be performed by professional and trained people with disposable needles in a sterile environment.

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What should be considered after eyebrow contour

After the application, care should be taken that the treated area does not come into contact with water. Another important detail is that hot water does not touch the treated area for the first 24 hours. Extra care should be taken when going out in the sun. After the application, direct contact of the eyebrow area with the sun
should be avoided. The sun can cause discoloration of the eyebrows. In addition, after the procedure, you should not go to the solarium, and if you do, the eyebrow area should be covered. There may be crusting in the area after the procedure. The shells should never be peeled off, they should be expected to fall off on their own
. After the procedure, care should be taken not to touch the eyebrow with a cosmetic product.


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