Almond Eye Aesthetics

Dr Görkem Çalışkan explained that the average age of women who had almond eye surgery, which makes the eyes look more dynamic and lively, decreased from 40-50 to the age of 20. He said that the increase in the workload and stress of women in Turkish society was effective in this decrease. Almond eye surgery (almond eye aesthetics) is a part of the lower eyelid surgery and is the process of recovering the loosening in the lower eyelid due to aging or genetic factors. The average age of women who have had the surgery has decreased from 40-50 to their 20s. It aims to lose the tired expression that occurs as a result of the eyelid drooping down. While the average age of almond eye surgery (almond eye aesthetics) was between 40-50 years ago, increased work tempo and stress caused this age to decrease even more and it became a trend among young people. As a result of the operation, it creates a slightly slanting appearance in the eyes, and thus the patients have more lively and dynamic eyes than before. The intense tempo and stress caused by the fact that women in Turkey take a more active role in social and business life are also reflected in their eyes. The outer edges of the eyes are slightly drooping and they try to cover this situation by tying their hair back tightly or with make-up. Almond eye surgery completely eliminates this problem and makes it possible to raise the outer edge of the eye that hangs down and make it more slanting. You can be discharged on the same day after the surgery. Almond eye aesthetics (almond eye surgery) is a procedure that should be performed in a hospital environment and takes an average of 30-45 minutes under local anesthesia or sedation. You can be discharged on the same day after almond eye surgery; edema and bruises last 4-5 days. After this surgery, a scar of 0.5-1 cm is formed on the edge of the eye and this scar disappears completely within 3 months. After almond eye surgery (almond eye aesthetics), vision is not affected and facial expression is not lost. However, if an attempt is made to provide more slanting than necessary, the visual field will be restricted, so it would be appropriate not to interfere with the amount of tension planned by your plastic surgeon who will perform the surgery. After this surgery, the return to social life is quite fast with a more lively, dynamic and impressive gaze.


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