8 everyday things that many misuse

Practice makes perfect – at least that’s what they say. Sometimes, however, mistakes only become ingrained when you perform an activity for the hundredth time (and repeatedly incorrectly). In addition, there are everyday objects that have a secret function that most people are not even aware of. Here you will find out, among other things, how to load a dishwasher correctly and what the function of the tab in the lid of oil bottles is.

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8 everyday things that many do wrong

1. Wash with detergent pods

It may be written on the packaging, but many people still get it wrong: Detergent pods have to in front of the laundry in the washing machine so that it completely dissolves its shell and does not stick to the clothing.

2. Fill the blender correctly

For example, so that the ingredients for a smoothie can be chopped up well in the blender, the following order should be observed when filling it:

  1. Fill in liquid ingredient(s).
  2. Add hard ingredients, such as nuts.
  3. Next come the medium-hard ingredients, such as fennel.
  4. Finally, soft ingredients (bananas, etc.) can be put in.

The liquid is poured in first because it creates a suction that pulls the following ingredients into the cutting blades.

3. Load the dishwasher

Even if a few things are a matter of taste when loading the dishwasher, there are tips that you should actually follow to ensure that the dishes come out clean:

  • Do not overload the dishwasher.
  • Remove coarse dirt beforehand.
  • Place open containers, such as bowls, open-side down to prevent water from accumulating.
  • Place light containers at an angle – in such a way that they stand as securely as possible and the water pressure does not knock them over.
  • Place the cutlery in the cutlery basket with the handle down (be careful when clearing it out!).

Adan loads dishwasher

4. Get a pillow that is too small

If all they have to hand is a large pillowcase for a small or narrow pillow, many people don’t bother to cover the pillow properly. All you have to do is insert the protruding piece into the pillowcase and the difference in size is no longer noticeable.

5. Open oil bottle

The next time you open an oil bottle, don’t throw away the lid’s tab. It actually serves a purpose: it makes careful dosing easier. All you have to do is place the tab in the opening of the bottle neck.


In the following video you can see exactly how the trick with the tab in the oil bottle works:

@chaldomom #tiktokideas #learnedfromtiktok ♬ The Git Up – Blanco Brown

6. Use microwave

Intuitively and correctly, most people place the plate or container in the center of the turntable in the microwave. However, if the food does not heat up evenly in the microwave and is often cold inside, try placing the food on the edge of the turntable.

7. Apply deodorant

It’s not wrong to only apply deodorant to your armpits. But it can also work well on other parts of the body where a lot of sweat is produced (such as the inside of the thighs or the feet).


8. Dispense toothpaste

Even with something as simple as brushing your teeth, you can still go wrong. Many people squeeze as much toothpaste out of the tube as fits on the toothbrush. A pea-sized portion is sufficient. This is probably due to the advertising, which uses way too much toothpaste for aesthetic reasons.

ed68d8865f984bb4c0cbf8662239fd77 e1651604936788©Pixabay

If you think that’s all, you’re wrong. The following articles will show you which objects are often misused and which secret functions of everyday objects are unknown to many:

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