17 people wearing clothes from unusual fabrics

Do you have a specific idea of ​​your dream dress, a winter jacket or something similar, but can’t find the right fabric? The people in this article prove that you can work just fine with what you have. Because they tailor beautiful garments from unusual fabrics and unusual materials without further ado. From duvet covers to sleeping bags, everything is included.

Total upcycling: this is where waste becomes ideas. (Scroll down for article.)

Incidentally, by upcycling materials, you not only protect your wallet, but also the environment. Maybe you will be inspired by the examples and soon put your hands on an unusual piece of clothing?

1. “My first attempt: I made a cozy winter jacket out of an old sleeping bag.”

2. Can you believe this dress was sewn from a duvet cover?

3. “I made a wiry one-piece suit out of green elastic for a futuristic runway show.”

4. “A sweater I made out of a blanket.”

5. “I was trying to make a pair of shoes out of an old painting of mine.”

6. “A princess’ robe, but made out of a tablecloth.”

7. This corset dress was made out of bandages for a competition that featured unusual materials.

8. “I made this out of an old pair of jeans and some cloth napkins from a thrift store. I’m still learning.”

9. “I made a dress out of a thrift store throw.”

10. A purse made out of placemats

11. “I made a dress out of a mattress protector for fun over the weekend.”

12. A coat made out of plastic parts.

13. “My pajamas were made out of a flowery tablecloth.”

14. Would you have guessed that this dress and matching hat were once a duvet cover?

15. “I sewed a jacket out of a quilted blanket I found at a thrift store.”

16. This jacket was once a broken tent.

17. And how about a dress made out of (hopefully) unused floor mops?

Who would have thought that these things were anything other than clothes. Have you ever sewn something out of an unusual material?

If you now feel like upcycling, then here are some more tips:

Source: brightside
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