15 types of vegetables that grow on the balcony

Growing vegetables in beds is boring – and not everyone has their own garden. In order not to have to do without home-grown vegetables, you can also plant them in flower pots and tubs on the balcony or terrace.

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Planting vegetables on the balcony is not only practical because you have delicious vitamins right in front of you, but also decorative because you can set beautiful visual highlights with different varieties.

On the balcony and terrace, tomatoes and the like are not only largely protected from rain and thus from the dreaded brown rot and other fungal diseases, they often produce more fruit than in the bed because cooler days cannot harm them due to the heat radiating from the house wall .

But not all types of vegetables are suitable for growing in tubs and pots because they either need a lot of space or place high demands on care or location. Others, on the other hand, feel extremely comfortable in flower pots and promise a rich harvest:

1.) Radishes

Radishes are ideal for growing in pots because you can sow them from April to September and they grow quickly, so that the first small fruits can be harvested after around 4 weeks.

2.) Tomatoes

Tomatoes are probably the vegetable that is planted most often – whether in the bed or on the balcony. They can easily be grown in tubs, window boxes or even hanging baskets. However, they need a lot of sun and water for a rich harvest.

3.) Beans

Whether bush, pole or fire beans – they can all be easily grown in a flower pot on the balcony. Beans of all kinds, however, need a climbing aid. But you can let them grow up the balcony railing and use them as privacy screens at the same time.

4.) Lettuce

Harvesting fresh lettuce directly from the balcony is also possible without any problems. In particular, the rocket, lamb’s lettuce or Lollo Rosso varieties thrive in pots.


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5.) Collards

Kale is a great visual alternative to other large-leaved balcony plants and can also be planted in tubs and flowerpots. Those who live in warmer regions can even grow collards on the balcony during the winter months.

6.) Eggplants

Although not everyone is a fan of aubergines, they are still suitable for growing in pots on the balcony. In addition, they look very decorative. However, they need a little more care as eggplants are prone to pests.

7.) Spinach

Spinach is not only extremely healthy, it is also easy to grow in flower pots. The best thing about growing spinach is that it also grows in partial shade, so you can put it in the corner of your balcony and still have a bounty harvest.

8.) Kale

Like collards, kale can also be grown in pots and tubs. You can either harvest the whole plant or use just a few leaves for salads or as a garnish. Like all other types of cabbage, kale is a winter vegetable and therefore also grows at slightly lower temperatures.

9.) Chard

Swiss chard tolerates high temperatures better than cabbage and also grows in smaller containers. It is also a beautiful visual alternative to normal balcony plants.

10.) Sugar snap peas

Sugar snap peas are easy to grow and suitable even for beginners as they grow quickly and don’t require much maintenance. They prefer a sunny spot and, like beans, also need a small climbing aid.

11.) Carrots

Carrots aren’t just for rabbits. They love the blazing sun and are also suitable for balconies in cooler regions. To get a good harvest, you should leave about 5 cm between each seed when sowing. For those who didn’t know: the green carrots are also edible and contain a variety of fibre, minerals and vitamins.

12.) Cucumbers

In addition to conventional cucumbers, mini cucumbers or lemon cucumbers are particularly suitable for growing on the balcony. Like tomatoes, they need a lot of warmth and sun and can be grown in tubs, in flower pots, but also in hanging baskets.

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13.) Zucchini

Zucchini can be grown in containers, but they need a little more space than other vegetables. They also like to stand in a warm, sunny spot and need a lot of water. If you want to grow zucchini on the balcony, it is best to use a container with a capacity of at least 40 liters.

13.) Beets

Even if few people like beetroot, it is the ideal vegetable for the balcony because it can easily be grown in flower pots. The pot size depends on the time of harvest. This means: the bigger the tubers are supposed to be, the bigger the pot has to be, of course. Otherwise beetroot is very easy to care for and also suitable for beginners.

14.) Garlic

Garlic is a favorite of most people and makes a great balcony vegetable. It is suitable for many dishes and can be grown over a long period of time, so you can always harvest it fresh. When planting, make sure that the bulbs can grow about 10 cm apart so that they have enough space later.

15.) Peppers

Paprika needs a lot of sun, but then it is very suitable for cultivation on the balcony. Beginners should get young plants from the nursery, experienced gardeners can prefer the pepper plants themselves. From mid-May, the young plants can then be planted on the balcony.

green peppers

In order for the vegetables to thrive on the balcony and bear lots of fruit, a number of important requirements must be met. Sufficient air circulation should be guaranteed on the balcony and the air should not stand still, especially on hot days. This makes the vegetable plants less susceptible to pests. In addition, natural pots made of clay or terracotta are best suited for balcony vegetables, as they usually have a good local climate and waterlogging is easier to avoid. For optimal growth of the vegetable plants, the addition of a long-term fertilizer is also recommended.

If you heed all these tips, nothing stands in the way of a rich and, above all, delicious harvest.

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15 types of vegetables that can be grown on the balcony15 types of vegetables that can be grown on the balcony


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